Cheating At Casinos

Cheating At Casinos

Cheating has been around in casinos since the first gambling establishment was created. Name any casino game and some skillful person will have found a way to cheat by playing that game. People use confidential information, mechanical dexterity, quick hands, and accomplices to their advantage. Some cheats are caught quickly, while others take 20 years to be discovered. Surely there will be a few that will never be discovered. They say the best cheaters are the ones who are never discovered.

In this guide to cheating in casinos, we will briefly take a look at the most common systems used to cheat throughout the history of casino gambling mafia slot and talk about some of the most famous cheats to ever exist. Different cheats apply to each game, so be prepared for a ton of cheats. Please note that most of these techniques are illegal and we do not approve of their use.

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Cheating On Roulette

Cheaters use a number of tricks to cheat at roulette: wheel manipulation, area selection (“sink the wheel”), dealer distraction, and use of magnetic balls. To manipulate the wheel is to loosen a certain box or place a sticky substance in a compartment so that it catches the ball more often than normal.

Selecting an area is leaning on the wheel or the table where the wheel is placed to tilt it to one side. Distracting the dealer is done so that, while he is distracted, another player places the ball in a different box. This may seem like an impossible strategy, but Italian trickster Francis Farrugia managed to apply it for 20 years before being discovered in 2012.

It should be noted that the dealer was involved in most of the best-known scams over the years. This is common in most table games, because the dealer is who the casino chose to keep an eye on in the first place and check that no one is cheating.

Other supervisors and security personnel of the casinos also seek to identify suspicious players, through cameras and that is why the dealers are also discovered. The following story is a perfect example of working with an accomplice who works at the casino.

Monique laurent

In 1973, Monique Laurent, her brother-in-law, and a third accomplice created a remotely controlled roulette ball that was activated by a transmitter stored in a cigarette pack. The transmitter altered the motion of the ball. The accomplice was the dealer, and so it was that the altered ball was placed inside the roulette. These cheaters got away with it until a particularly attentive member of the security team realized that a certain attractive woman was always standing by the player who had just won big.

Joseph Jagger

This American cheater who lived in the 19th century won $ 450,000 at Monte Carlo’s Beaux-Arts casino before the owners realized what he was doing. Jagger hired six employees to record the results of the casino’s roulette games. He studied the numbers and found that one number came up more often than the others, no doubt due to a poorly balanced wheel. These types of tricks are the reason why casinos check their machines so often.

Charles Wells and Charles Coburn

Charles Wells once won 23 of 30 spins on a roulette wheel in Monte Carlo. On that occasion, Mr. Wells earned more than $ 2,000,000. His feat became so legendary that musical composer Fred Gilbert wrote a song about it in 1892. That song, “The Man Who Blasted the Bank in Monte Carlo,” became a symbol of the English singer Charles Coburn. Mr. Coburn sang the song more than 250,000 times throughout his singing career.

The Eudaemonists

A group of graduate students from the University of California, Santa Cruz, built, with great imagination, a laptop that would help them beat roulette. This group, calling themselves “The Eudamonists”, had created a system to win around 144% of what they bet on roulette. They kept winning until the machine heated up and began to spew smoke inside the casino, but the eudamonists had already raised $ 10,000 before this happened.

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